Dedicated to the P&C Insurance Industry

A comprehensive smart-home platform for carriers to realize smart-home success

Improving Carrier Performance

Leverage Smart-Home Products to Improve Business Results

Enhancing Customer Experience

Provide Useful Products that Lower Risks and Improve Peace of Mind

Complete Smart-Home Solution for P&C Insurance

Senteri brings together a powerful blend of insurance industry experience and smart-home expertise to deliver a transformational smart-home solution designed specifically for P&C insurance carriers and their policyholders.

Senteri provides the platform, tools, applications and know-how to effectively deploy and scale smart-home programs that attract new business, improve brand loyalty and lower losses while accumulating valuable data for competitive advantages.

HomeClub Verification APP

  • Free Mobile App for consumers
  • Verify what products are currently installed in the property
  • Gain valuable insights into property safeguards and customer characteristics
  • Access the HomeClub Marketplace to add any smart home product
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HomeClub Marketplace

  • An online specialty store of the latest and most useful smart home products from the leading retail brands
  • The ultimate in consumer choice and carrier flexibility
  • Carriers can sponsor any product or product category
  • Campaign assistance for carriers and agents to offer incentives and discounts
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HomeClub Specialty Products

  • Simple and affordable wireless sensor monitoring system
  • Keep customers in touch with vital aspects of their property such as power status and temperature
  • Compiles a rich data set for both time series and event data
  • All sensors report through the HomeClub Mobile App and data is aggregated within the Carrier Suite
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Carrier Suite

  • Manage smart-home programs from a single console
  • Validate installed devices
  • Manage campaigns to promote smart-home products that reduce risk and improve peace of mind
  • Access all raw data generated throughout the system
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Campaign Assistance

  • Advertise smart-home products that attract new customers
  • Empower new social media and marketing campaigns with interesting smart-home topics and benefits
  • Promote any single product, such as a Nest smoke alarm, or an entire product category such as smart locks
  • Allow policyholders to choose which products they install

Improve Business Results

The Senteri smart-home solution has been refined through thousands of hours of testing and feedback in real-world insurance carrier environments. It is unparalleled in the market and delivers results.

  • Leverage smart home products to attract preferred customers
  • Lower losses and risk exposures
  • Accumulate data as a valuable asset

Enhance Customer Experience

Many categories of smart-home products reduce risk and keep people in touch with their property thus creating a common interest between the carrier and consumer. This natural bridge is opening up new opportunities for carriers to attract preferred customers, improve loyalty and set themselves apart in the industry.

  • Build stronger bonds with customers
  • Be an active participant in safeguarding property and possessions
  • Help people stay in touch with the things that matter most