Senteri Programs for Smart-Home Success

There is a once in a lifetime technology innovation cycle going on around us and it’s called the “Internet-of-Things” or “IoT” for short.  The IoT is simply everyday devices being connected to the Internet and thus becoming “smart”.

Smart-home products are an important part of the IoT growth phenomenon and are poised to become pervasive in all aspects of consumer home environments.  Current estimates place smart-home market penetration at only around 5%.  Growth rates for this category are projected at 30-100% annually for the foreseeable future.

There is a staggering opportunity for insurance carriers to get in early in a large and rapidly expanding market as nearly every consumer in the U.S. will participate at one level or another in adopting smart home products.

The time is now to adapt to the impending changes in the marketplace as properties become smarter and consumers become accustomed to new levels of connectivity and information.

Senteri provides a path to market for insurance carriers to take advantage of the growth in smart-home adoption. Senteri’s solution is designed for both the carrier to administer programs and for consumers to reap the benefits of smart-home products and services.

As connected homes become more commonplace, carriers can establish themselves as the trusted source for smart-home connectivity.

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Path to Market

Taking advantage of smart-home growth is easy with Senteri.  Senteri has the platform, tools and know-how to guide its insurance carrier partners from initial concept through full market deployment and beyond.

Senteri has developed a series of programs that can be utilized in modular fashion or with a holistic approach.  Programs are custom tailored for each carrier’s goals and objectives.

Senteri’s programatic approach to smart-home initiatives include:

  • Trial programs and strategy formulation
  • Verification of existing products for a baseline understanding of each property
  • Campaigns to incentivize select smart-home product adoption
  • Creation of smart-home kits for specific demographics and target markets
  • Custom development of specialty smart-home solutions

Trial Programs

Senteri offers several levels of trial and pilot programs.  It begins with a simple evaluation program that includes access to the full suite of products along with smart-home strategy sessions.

Trial programs can then be expanded to include further testing, feedback and refinement of each carrier’s smart-home strategy and objectives.  Policyholder pilot programs, go-to-market planning and full scale production launch are all within the wheelhouse of Senteri.

Traditional steps from initial evaluation through market launch include:

  • Internal evaluation programs
  • Smart-home strategy sessions and go-to-market planning
  • Policyholder pilot programs
  • Market launch and program administration

Verify Installed Products

An important element in the Senteri solution is validating the presence of existing products that are installed on the premises. Insurance carriers have long-standing discount programs for certain types of safety and security products such as security systems and smoke alarms. With the HomeClub Mobile App, consumers can easily verify that they have these types of qualifying products installed in the home and automatically inform their insurance carrier.

With the advent of smart-home, new types of safety and security products are coming on the scene. Smart-home products such as smart-locks and smart-lighting can improve the safety and security of the property. They are also markers that the person installing them cares about their property, possessions and loved ones.

The Senteri Mobile Verification App can by used by insurance carriers to:

  • Validate a qualifying product is installed on the premises
  • Receive monthly heartbeats of validated connected products
  • Maintain a customer and property inventory of existing and new products as they are added
  • Receive data streams as available from the various installed products

Promote Select Smart Home Products

Consumer interest in smart-home products is opening new marketing and advertising opportunities.  Carriers and agents can promote enticing smart-home articles that capture the interest of preferred customers.  Website and social media venues can be enlivened with new and interesting information that drives traffic and new business.

Carriers can run campaigns and sponsor products to entice new business and reward loyalty.  Agents have new tools to advertise and communicate with prospects and customers in engaging ways.

The HomeClub Marketplace contains the latest and most useful smart-home products.  It can be leveraged by carriers and agents to easily provide incentives, rewards and discounts.  Whether it’s for attracting new customers, rewarding existing ones or simply promoting convenience and safety enhancing products, the HomeClub Marketplace and integrated campaign manager is an amazingly powerful resource.

Campaign manager primary features include:

  • Run social media and other advertising campaigns that capture attention and action
  • Easily apply gift cards and incentives for any smart-home product or product category
  • Utilize the branding of the biggest consumer electronic companies and most popular smart-home products
  • Empower agents to reward customers as they see fit for new business, renewals and loyalty milestones

Create Market Kits

HomeClub specialty products were designed for the insurance industry by insurance professionals.  The proprietary HomeClub Hub with internal backup battery is cellular based vs. Wi-Fi so it works in power outage situations when Wi-Fi routers go down.  There is a large variety of sensor types and configurable alerts to address many different use-case scenarios.

Whether it’s monitoring a vacation home, a single person residence that is unoccupied frequently or a large household with lots of people coming and going, the right sensor array can be combined to address the specific needs of the customer. A single HomeClub Hub supports up to 250 sensors that can be added at any time for tremendous flexibility and freedom of choice for the consumer.

Key aspects of HomeClub specialty products are:

  • Cellular HomeClub Hub independent of any landline or Wi-Fi
  • Plug-and-play setup with up to 250 individual sensors
  • Convenient mobile app for the consumer
  • User configurable alerts and threshold reporting

Custom Development

Senteri has the expertise and capabilities to create custom smart-home solutions that are tailored for specific target markets and use case scenarios.  Whether it’s a first time home buyer, a new addition to the family or keeping tabs on elderly relatives, Senteri can customize packages of hardware and software to meet the needs of various demographics and target markets.

Senteri also has the expertise to integrate new smart-home data elements into insurance carrier business operations.

Key aspects of Senteri’s custom development capabilities include:

  • Create custom product sets based upon demographics and target markets
  • Provide unique and valuable product bundles for customers
  • Fully integrate new data sources into carrier business processes and IT systems