Connecting Carriers & Consumers

Consumer Suite

A complete line of smart-home products designed to improve customer’s lives.  Carriers can become trusted partners in creating safer, happier homes.

“HomeClub” is the consumer brand for Senteri’s smart-home products and currently includes:

  • HomeClub Mobile App

  • HomeClub Marketplace

  • HomeClub Specialty Products

Carrier Suite

Insurance carriers can take advantage of smart-home growth and align themselves with customers that are interested in staying in touch with and taking care of their property, possessions and loved ones.

Senteri provides a robust Carrier Suite that serves as the backend administrative and program management system for the HomeClub product suite.  All users, devices and data report through the same unified platform for valuable new insights into consumer and property characteristics and events.

HomeClub Mobile Verification App

The HomeClub Mobile App offers consumers an efficient means to verify the products installed in their property that qualify for insurance discount programs.  It can confirm the presence of a large variety of home automation products from traditional products like security systems and smoke alarms to more recently released smart-home products such as automated door locks and lighting.  It is integrated with the HomeClub Marketplace as a convenient way to add any new smart-home product.

  • Validate the installation of any product on the property

  • Connect to smart-home devices through vendor API’s

  • Backend Carrier Suite to aggregate data from various installed devices and systems

  • Available for iOS and Android

HomeClub Marketplace

An online specialty store of the latest and most useful smart-home products. Through the HomeClub Marketplace, carriers can offer any smart-home product and be assured their product offering is always up to date with a wide variety to meet the varying needs of its policyholder base.

  • Sponsor any product or product category

  • Create new advertising campaigns to attract maintenance oriented proactive customers

  • Become a trusted source of smart-home products

Visit the HomeClub Marketplace

HomeClub Specialty Products

A specialty line of smart-home products that are affordable, easy-to-use and reliable. Designed by insurance professionals for the insurance industry to reduce risk and improve peace of mind.

  • A cellular HomeClub Hub with internal backup battery.  No Wi-Fi necessary.  Plug it in and it works.

  • A variety of remote wireless sensors to monitor environmental and other conditions in and around the property.

  • A single HomeClub Hub supports up to 250 sensors.

  • Simply place the sensors and be alerted of events such as; water detect, human motion, item movement and low/hi temperature readings.

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Carrier Suite

The Carrier Suite is the cornerstone of the Senteri system.  It serves as the central repository for all data generated throughout the system as well as providing real-time information on all enrolled participants, active devices and consumer usage metrics.

Understand your customers as never before.  With the Senteri Carrier Suite, carriers can manage multiple smart-home programs, run campaigns and gain new and valuable insights into customer behaviors and the status of their properties.

  • All smart-home data in a single database.

  • Campaign assistance for carriers & agents to attract new business and reward loyalty milestones

  • Key performance metrics of all HomeClub programs.

  • Access to all raw data generated throughout the system.