Smart Home Ecosystem and Consumers

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A new type of home management, safety, and surveillance devices is emerging.Dubbed smart home devices and systems, this new type incorporates the capabilities inherent in IoT and provides enhanced benefits for one or more categories pertinent to managing the home. What began as a trickle of products, has morphed to a steady stream of smart home device and system introductions. Starting with networked security taking advantage of broadband capability for surveillance of one sort or another to, more recently, smart thermostats coming fromstart-ups as savvy as Nest, and smart garage door openers from stalwarts such as Chamberlain, products are smart and connected.

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Internet­ of ­Things Security

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Introduction Internet­ of ­Things (”IoT”) devices are poised to become more pervasive in our lives than mobile phones and will have abilities to control critical hardware and have access to sensitive personal data. As the number of connected IoT devices constantly increases, security concerns are also exponentially multiplied. In light of the functions IoT devices have access to, it’s important to understand and mitigate their security risk.

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Smart Home Survey Jan 2016

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The year 2020 has long been a benchmark for when the smart home will finally be mainstream, but according to the results of the Smart Home Marketplace Survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate, that time may come sooner than we originally thought. The survey polled more than 4,000 U.S. adults in advance of CES 2016, revealing that homeowners are willing to pay extra to “smart stage” their home as well as what Americans think when they hear “smart home.”

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2015 State of The Smart Home Report

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In the spring of 2015 Icontrol Networks surveyed 1,600 consumers (1,000 from the United States and 600 from Canada) for our second annual State of the Smart Home report. Our inaugural report last year offered an honest look at drivers and barriers to smart home adoption. The 2015 report shows changes to these adoption indicators and examines consumers’ attitudes towards the smart home, their levels of intent to purchase connected devices, and their desires and concerns about owning ‘connected’ technology.

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IoT Market Size March 2015

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This report is aimed at IoT professionals who are looking for a detailed understanding of the Internet of Things market, segments, and forecasts Executive summary 1. General market forecast (devices): For every person living on earth, there will be at least 2, maybe even 6 connected “things” by 2020 2. General market forecast (revenue): Revenue opportunities for companies are larger than combined revenues of Apple, Google, and Facebook today. 3. General market forecast (economic impact): IoT value to surpass the economic output of Germany within the next 10 years 4. Segment-specific forecasts: Manufacturing and healthcare the biggest opportunities 5. Segment-specific surveys: Oil&Gas and home automation stand out

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