Why Cellular vs Wi-Fi

By | July 22nd, 2016|Categories: Blog|

HomeClub Specialty Products, why Cellular vs. Wi-Fi Senteri’s proprietary HomeClub wireless sensor system utilizes a cellular Hub vs Wi-Fi. This design specification was required by our first insurance carrier partner that insisted on a cellular system with a backup battery primarily to ensure that the HomeClub Hub continues to work when power is lost to the property. It is during power-outage situations that it is often most important to keep tabs on the property and understand to the extent possible what is or has happened. The HomeClub Hub itself, since it is plugged into a power outlet, is able to monitor power status of the property and report when power is lost and when it is restored to the property. This is valuable knowledge for residents and property managers. The HomeClub Hub also monitors temperature so conveniently reports on indoor and outdoor temperature along with power status of the property thus providing baseline value to the consumer. Some other benefits of cellular vs. Wi-Fi include: